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Thank you, everyone...

Posted by: True Blue
In Response to: Nick?? posted by Miss Pearl
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Post Time: February 18, 2018 at 12:50:19


All my Board Buddies have been so fun to race with over the years.

It's certainly not the same watching NASCAR without my Buddies in the SFL to tease and try so hard to beat.

Thanks so much to Nick for all the years of sacrificing weekends for the SFL. I'm so happy you'll get some time for your pursuits - enjoy your time. You more than deserve it.

I appreciate all the efforts it took to keep the SFL and the Board running year after year.

A special thank you to Member 77 for the die casts, the Board, and keeping my Board Buddies focused on beating him every race. You are all the best.

We'll all still keep in touch. Best wishes for the future!

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