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Re: Congratulations Scrappy finishing 3rd and Thunderstruck

Posted by: Popblue
In Response to: Congratulations Scrappy finishing 3rd and Thunderstruck posted by nick
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Post Time: May 29, 2017 at 12:56:10


Didn't check the finish until today and fell over in surprise. had to do a little bit of great grandchild watching. Our goal every week is to draft the best racers we can foe this fun league. Koodo's to Nick that keeps this league afloat and the time he spends doing so. Of course we have another motive for joining this league and that is to beat fly boy as much as possible. Fly Boy has been in this league for several years and is a pretty good drafter of drivers. Its just fun to play mind games with Jim AKA #77. If you haven't started picking on him yet you might want to think about it as he is the owner of the dreaded hit list that owners find themselves on throughout the season.

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