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Lost your Charter- say what GF?????

Posted by: Miss Pearl
In Response to: Re: 77 is in-- Pop Blue is in-- I am in--- How about you? posted by Petty n Labonte Fan
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Post Time: February 14, 2017 at 14:52:46


No way Jae!!! I really hate to hear this. I don't know if I can lead the GAM without you.
Please say u will still come here and be my cheerleader. Heck maybe you can even be part of my team.
Seriously Jae, I understand having to cut back.
With Roger and I retired now. I am trying to be more money aware.
I just want to ask all of my younger friends here to please save for your retirement. The government still wants to tax you on everything and pay for nothing.
And who knows if there will be anything here when you guys retire.

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