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SFL will not be shutting down and we will keep up!

Posted by: nick
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Post Time: February 06, 2017 at 07:37:38


Hey guys and gals or more accurately...hey fellow board family members,
The SFL will NOT be shutting down but I'd like to explain what is going on and why:

In 2013 I had a stroke while both the NASCAR and the NFL league was running. It scared the heck out of me because I began to wonder, what would have happened to the SFL had that taken me out. I was concerned there would be nobody who could figure out how to get your money back to you so I've been considering ways to prevent the team owners from getting screwed if I suddenly became incoherent.

I closed the NFL league to minimize the risk but I couldn't close the Racing Challenge because we have so many diehard dedicated team owners whom I have grown to be attached. So here is what I have finally decided to do:

I have found a partner who loves the league, loves the web site, is still young, and has the financial health to subsidize the guaranteed prize package in the event we don't get enough teams to cover it. He will be buying a percentage of Sports Fantasy Leagues and I will slowly turn over league operations to him a little at a time over the next few years.

He has guaranteed to keep the Racing Challenge and this Kyle Petty board up and running. I will forever remain involved but he will eventually take over all the stuff I've been doing for the last 17 years running the league and my buddy Gene, who does most of the site programming, will also remain.

I may even decide to run a team TO WIN too. Wouldn't that be fun if I could do that and sit back while he does all the work. LOL! :)

So, I'm not going anywhere (as long as God agrees with that), the SFL is NOT shutting down, but here is the best part:
That stroke took some of my energy and as such I really haven't been putting much effort into making the leagues better. Eric, my new partner, has a bunch of energy and he wants to invest time and money to keep the SFL running and try to make it even better. I hope you will give him the same respect and support you have all given to me for such a long time. I thank you all for all your support throughout the years and by the way..... The NEW GROUPS are posted and REGISTRATION is now OPEN so get your butts in gear and register! :)

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