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THank you very much Jim and Miss Pearl and..

Posted by: nick
In Response to: I can announce it now............. Diecast Award posted by Member # 77
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Post Time: January 20, 2017 at 23:59:37


all you SFL guys and gals. I truly appreciate your interest in the league and how exciting you all make it.

I also appreciate everyone on the board for the friendship and camaraderie, and the wonderful special family we've become.

I did get to meat Dale it was at a Daytona race where Richard Petty's car was have what looked like mechanical problems and I had noticed that the back fender panel was getting blacker and blacker as the laps went by. I asked Dale about it and he said well don't tell anyone but we had a rear end seal leaking.

I was surprised at his honesty because the way he said it I gathered that they are not supposed to stay on the track leaking rear end oil like that. Then I felt bad about asking him that question but it was a big day for me and my first time at Daytona. So this award with his autograph means allot to me so thank you all very much.

I guess I better get my butt off of SFL vacation and start to figure out the 2017 driver groups. :)

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