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Some interesting SFL Career Stats for you all

Posted by: nick
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Post Time: November 22, 2016 at 11:09:21


True Blue Racing leads in Championships with 2 tied with Bayside Lugnutz.

Crappy is in second place with the most WINS. He has 12 second to Goodyear with 14. True Blue Racing is 6th with 9 Wins. Scrappy and Jae's Revenge each have 7 wins and Member #77 has 6 wins.

Member #77 is 3rdon the all time TOP 5 FINISHES list with a whopping 47 Top 5. Behind him is Miss Pearl with 45, Shelby with 35, True Blue and Crappy with 34, and an old board Member Joshua's Chargers with 27.

This is a neat one: Crappy leads the league with the Most Wins in a year Awards. This is a very hard award to win and Crappy has won 3 of them.

Member #77 has won 2 Rookie of the Year Awards and that is hard to do.

Here are the rankings of the board members for Most Career Winnings. These ranking are outstanding:
True Blue Racing = 3rd
Miss Pearl = 6th
Member #77 = 10th
Crappy = 13th

I don't want to leave out R&R Racing or Thunderstruck who are not as high on the stats yet but only because the others have been playing in the league for over 5 more years then them. But they have some decent stats as well:
R&R Racing with 4 wins and 15 top 5s
Thunderstruck with 2 wins and 12 top 5s.

And you all know how hard Wins and Top 5s are in any racing venture!

So all I can say is thanks again to all of you for making this league so competitive and so much fun! You guys and gals are very good at this.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

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